Friday, July 31, 2015

WORDS HURT, by Tal Peleg

~Words Hurt, by Tal Peleg

"Words are powerful.
They can make someone's day, but they can also be very dangerous and harmful. Words hurt, and they can even kill. Be kind to one another, and remember there is someone behind the screen, so choose your words carefully... they have more power than you think.
Model: Arielle Sharvit"

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


~Last SelfDefense, by Lea B.

"The artwork is called ‘’Last selfdefence’’ and stands for the people who can not see another way out of the harrassment other people (and sometimes they themselves) bring up. The others do not know what damage they make by saying those hateful words, which is why she shoots herself with her hand to let out the pain and her inner disguise."

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


~Bullying HAS to Stop!, by GlitchPaint

" I have gone through bullying before, and I still suffer from severe anxiety and depression, suicidal thought every single day and I have selfharmed around 6 years now. I got bullied of my teacher, and a lot of kids, including beeing overlooked by fellow students. Its horrible, and even more horrible to think that therse millions of others going through this other places, and people who has comitted suicide of it. BUT hey, Im on my way to get better, and I wan everyone to know, that no matter how dark it seems atm, it WILL get better, i pomise, and if you struggle mentalth because of this, there is help out there, both irl and on the internet! Dont be afraid of talk to internet friends, family, irl friends, they love you no matter how hard it seems!"